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The Buckeye Chapter Message Center

A Message from our Chapter President:

Winter has arrived and the cold weather may be keeping us out of the creek but it is not stopping us from dreaming about how much Gold we will find next spring. I want to thank everyone who helped our chapter to have one of the best seasons in a long time. I didn't get to spend much time prospecting last year but I did enjoy meeting so many of you who came out to the meetings. We had a lot of new faces so please excuse me if I don't remember all of your names. What I do remember is that a lot of old and new members enjoyed our common digs and other activities.
I want to thank our officers and members who worked hard to make sure that everyone who came to visit felt welcome, you all made my job as president much easier.
Jeff Wickham, President

A Message from our Chapter Secretary:

We the officers have implemented the newsletter-mailing plan we talked about and voted on. If you have not, or have a fellow current member that did not receive this newsletter, please have them contact me. I will be happy to mail them a newsletter as soon as I receive the information. If you are interested in receiving this newsletter as a monthly newsletter, we will try to provide options to fund the newsletter specifically at our February meeting.
We can also include a FOR SALE section at a minimal fee.
Any submissions to this Newsletter  will be reviewed and graciously accepted.
Please email me at: