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The October 21 meeting at the Swank claim

The October 21 meeting at the Swank claim is our last meeting and common dig (10 A.M.)  for the year so let's make it one to remember next year. We are planning to have a bonfire and weenie roast with a pumpkin decorating contest for the kiddies. If you plan to attend it would be helpful to bring some items from this list:

hot dog roasting sticks
And a small pumpkin.

The club will supply hot dogs.

Click Here to Download and print out a flyer for this meeting

The Buckeye Chapter

The Buckeye Chapter of the Gold Prospectors Association of America was started in 1996. People from all over the state came together to pan for gold. There are three claims in the state. The Swank Claim located in Bellville, Ohio, the Frazee Claim near Zuck, Ohio, and the Lewis Claim located below Lucusville in the southern part of Ohio.
Although gold is not as plentiful in Ohio as in some of the other states it does exist, you just have to work a little harder for it. Usually gold in Ohio is in the form of flour gold and takes a little more skill to uncover. There have been a few larger nuggets found here, but as a rule it is not the amount of gold found, but the love of the hunt for gold that draws people from all over the state to pan.


The Buckeye Chapter holds an annual election of officers. They vote in a President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer for the year. Those elected hold the office for one term. This years term runs from Feb. 2006 to Feb. 2007. At this years elections officers for this term are:

President, Jeff Wickham
Vice President, Beverly Smith
Secretary, Sue Wickham
Treasurer, Diana Warner
Activities Director, Patrick O'masters
Ohio Claims Director, Bud Kaczor
Buckeye Chapter Claims Director, Jim St. Clair

The Buckeye Chapter members put a lot of hard work into fund raising activities and raffles to raise money so that the club is self supporting.
So if you have a few minutes why don't you sit back, and kick off your shoes. Take a short trip while we introduce you to the Buckeye Chapter and some of the fine people that make it more of a family than a organization.